When it comes to ordering your sails we have access to years of experience you would expect from leading sail makers and it this experience that we use to guide you through the design and sail making process. With a vast number of materials, sizes, shapes and patterns available knowing which is best for you and your boat can be a mine-field. They will help and advise with all the crucial decisions answering all the questions you may have so you can make informed choices that will not only suit your needs, but your budget.


Sail Design & Construction

A comprehensive range of fabrics are available from the highly durable woven polyester (dacron) to single and double taffeta laminates. Dacron fabrics are generally used in a cross-cut construction giving good shape holding and great longevity.

If you're looking for an enhanced shape holding, weight saving and speed, a tri-radial construction utilising the warp orientated laminated fabrics will be recommended. For a greater performance a Pentex laminate whilst Vectran/Dyneema will produce the best shape holding capability in panelled sails.

A Membrane sail will produce the pinnacle in performance and shape holding. Each Membrane is bespoke and so original to each yacht and customer. There are various yarn options that are used to create each sail to get the very best longevity and durability.



We are in a position to offer any type of Sail Repair. It is very important to keep your Sails in the best condition possible as they are there to be relied upon in the worst of weather conditions. Our highly trained staff will give you the correct advise and discuss with you what is the best type of sail Repair. Remember – small sail repair now…saves big sail repair later.